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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Ginger Cat

OK, I know, its been donkeys since I last blogged!! No excuses except blooming busy with Xmas, New Year etc, and I dropped my EHD (DOH!!!!) and couldn't access the data (panic, panic, panic) so took it to the bloke (=man) that fixed it before so I hope he can work miracles and fix it again!! Luckily I did have nearly everything backed up on DVD, but its a hassle if I've lost the data. Cant bear to think about it. Still waiting to hear back from him if he can fix it or not!

Anyhow, back to Ginger Cat. I think this cat has been abandoned as it has taken home in my spare bedroom so I have been sort of looking after it for about 3 weeks (it's eating me out of house and home!!!). There is a wonderful animal rescue place near me so I rang them just after Xmas and they contacted me to tell me they are waiting for spaces to free up in their foster homes so that then can then take him in and find him a nice home. I cant keep him because : a. Honey and Lucy would not be impressed, and b. My flat is too small for 3 cats!! In the meantime its warm and comfortable and fed all the time. And I call him Ginger cat (original or what!!). This is him :

And Lucy has taken to getting drunk out of shock!!

So many more news to post about so will try to blog again tomorrow!!

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Carol Dillon said...

Yeah Veevs has finally updated her blog!

I thought of you the other day while I was over here in Canada. We were in the supermarket after custard for Fletcher and they just don't have custard over here. I was trying to explain it the boy working what custard was and he had no idea what I was talking about. Finally a lady came up whose Grandma was from England and said she knew what I was talking about and listed all the ingredients her grandma used to put in it. Long story but made me think of you! Apparently custard originated in England.

Carol :-)