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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The real photographer!

My sister Hayde (Lola's mum) is the real photographer of the family! She doesn't do digital photography (yet). She has such an eye for photos and sees things that I would never see the same as her! When I went to her house for Lola's birthday on Sunday, when I was leaving she grabbed my camera and took these :
I bet you cant tell where the reflection is from! Have a look at this one :

Any guesses???
Honey loves lying on the radiator! I dont know how she balances and doesn't find it uncomfortable! I put a cloth on it for her but its not too thick but it doesn't stop her! She has a knack and knows when the heating has come on and jumps on the table to the side of the radiator and walks to her spot! She can lie on it for ages, eventually jumping off when she gets too hot!! If she gets any fatter she wont fit on it!


Chrystal said...

HI Veevs! Thanks for visiting my blog today. To answer your question, I used for my slide shows. It's really very easy. Just upload your pictures and then they give you the html code to paste into your blog. :)

Tezra Williams said...

Very cool pictures Veevs, love the reflection!

Ljonezy said...

Love the cat on the radiator! Pics are from the side of a car? Get her to convert! :)

Diane said...

Love the picture of Lola on the calendar - what a cutie. Your cat is so funny on the register! Your blog is really nice - love the black background - it just shows off all the pictures so well.

Dawn said...

this is so cool!!! keep it up!! Love your blog, girlfriend!!

Veevs said...

Thanks guys, and thanks for the info Chrystal!
The first photo was a reflection from the fron side part of my car, the second one a reflection from one of the front lights (my car was clean lol)

SusanD said...

That's one fat cat! I love reflection pics!