Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May Photo a Day

I am on a roll so who knows when I will post again! Flying off to Hamburg early tomorrow morning for the day so wanted to get some of the photos on here. We are doing a Photo a Day in May - I am loving it! The UK weather was not playing along until today when we had blue blue sky and it was warm!!

Some of the photos are straight out of the Camera. The freaky weather one was amazing - I was on the phone and stood up and the sky was incredible! It was raining so dark clouds mixed with Pink and Orange! I took photo whilst on the phone so camera was on Auto. The flash went off which is why the flowers look so bright! May 2 and 3 photos - as the weather was naff, I ended up using a lot of different actions to get the different effects. The Mexican plate photo I took indoors again because there was no sun! Used some actions on it too. Went walking in Richmond yesterday and took a photo of a plaque with information on the old Richmond Palace. And today's one combined a storyboard. Top photo I took this morning at 8.30 am from my office window. At 4.30 the river floods (it's normal as Richmond is tidal) so took another photo as a comparison!

Blogging??? What's that??

Oh dear, I cant believe I haven't blogged since 23 March! Where do I start! Well most of April was DID so that put me way behind, in fact I am still so behind I wonder when I will catch up! The challenges - hmmmm, missing to do 3 of them! Visiting all my friends blogs - feel soo bad because haven't done that either! Hopefully I can start to catch up one of these days!
So what's been going on? I will try to keep this short! DID is what happened, plus travelling a lot for work, away for a couple of weekends!
Oh yes, did my challenge which was a scraplift and blending Layout. Slide show below shows some of my DID layouts, plus the scraplift and Lola's May Calendar.