Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, 29 March 2009

March 29 Texture Challenge

Cant believe two week’s have gone by already!  So best I post this week’s beautiful results from the photo that Kate supplied :

So here are your gorgeous creations, again in no particular order!

Textures by : Ghostbones, SkeletalMess, ArtbyChristy

Textures by : Something Blue, Golden Stream by Barb

Textures by : Adrisbow and Twentygreydays

Textures by : Ghostbones and Eddi07

Textures by : Essence of a Dream

Textures by : Something Blue Studios and Katie Pertiet

Textures by : NinianLif

Textures by : Les Braumes, Coffee Shop Inverse Grunge Frame
Paper : Gunhild

Textures by : Princess of Shadows, Ghostbones, Latz

Textures by : Sanami 276

Textures by : Ghostbones, Pareeerica and Lynne

Textures by : Essence of a Dream, Pareeerica, DriscollBros

Wonderful creations ladies!  This is fun and it’s so lovely to see one photo with so many different effects! 

Sunday, 15 March 2009

March Tutorial Challenge

It’s been so much fun doing these challenges!  Barb very kindly donated one of her beautiful photos for us to use :

And, here are all the different beautiful takes on this!  Again in no particular order!

Textures : BB grungy watercolor and Sanami 276

Textures : Seagulls by CliffordsAx, and NinianLif Textures

Textures : Lynne’s own

Bright light parrot, Fractal north pole, Paint Daubs – Deviant Art
Poster Edges, Blend modes, MCP Gallery Frame

Textures : SomethingBlue

Textures : Ghostbones

Textures : pareeerica, ghostbones, Shelley Freedman, Vancayzeele Olivier, somethingbluestudies, and Horses and Tigers.

Textures : N8 (?), Shelley Freedman, and 3 of LivE

Textures : Goam (on Flickr) and action - Nichole Van, apply texture

Textures : Lisa’s own, Frame by Vera Lim

Textures : Ghostbones and Lynne

Textures : carta mirada and alicepopkorn

Textures : Ghostbones, Pareeerica and Skeletal Mess

Another fab challenge ladies!!  All of these are beautiful!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dances with Wolves

OK, not dances but spent the day on a photography event at a Wolf Conservation today! This is the place: UK Wolf Org

What beautiful animals! In the morning three of them. Mosi, Mai and Torak where let loose in an enclosure and we all stood behind some fencing to take photos of them! Not the easiest of jobs as they kept moving! Mosi and Mai are North American wolves and Torak is a hybrid - cross-breed European and North American. Click on the photos to enlarge them!

Don't know which is Mosi and which one is Mai!

Mosi, Mai and Torak are the youngsters, only 3 years old. Here are a few more photos of them :

Then after lunch we went on a walkabout with Duma, another beautiful North American wolf.

Her keepers had her on a long chain and we all followed behind. Then we were all able to go up to her and pet her, one by one! Had to approach from the front and let her smell my hand, then move to the side and stroke her belly! She was so gentle and never budged! Apparently she loves it!

She has a sister called Dakota who has lymph cancer. They have been treating her for a year and they are pleased with her progress. But because she is sick she has to stay in her enclosure.

There are 3 European wolves in a separate enclosure too but I haven't worked on their photos yet!

We were lucky that it didn't rain but it was blooming cold! By about 4pm I couldn't take any more photos! Got back home around 5.30 knackered! It was a wonderful day and I loved every second of it!