Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


He goes tomorrow! Well, that is if I can catch him and work out how to put him in a cat basket without him scratching or biting me!! I am supposed to take him to a vet so that he gets checked out and then the Cat society will collect him from there and put him in a temporary foster home and try to get him rehomed. So fingers crossed he finds a lovely home and lovely new owners where he will be happy! I cannot understand people abandoning pets. He has been around where I live for I guess a year and I guess whoever owned him upped and left, leaving him behind. I would love to do more to help animals, but working full time I cant. Its something I should look into at some point, even if I can do a little bit! Only problem is that I end up crying buckets with anything to do with animals, be it happy or sad!! I bawl my eyes out!

A few of you have come up with some lovely names, and now two names that I am thinking of are Auburn (thanks to Heather!), Rusty (thanks Cindy) or Toffee!! Hmmmm decisions! Help choose one!! Will take some more photos of him before he goes and maybe do a layout!


Heather said...

You're a foster mom to cats, that's what you are. Yep, I'd cry my eyeballs out too. I get so attached. Glad you're doing what you do. And COOL that you're considering my suggestion for a name! ;)

Veevs said...

Thanks Heather, have been crying tons lol! Gave them both the names, Auburn and Rusty and asked them to choose one! Hopefully will find out next week!

GT Cindy said...

Awe, I think Rusty is very fitting for him. I sure hope that he has a great life. Hugs to you for taking care of him! A part of him will always be in your heart.