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Friday, 18 January 2008

How do you get a huge cat into a cat box!!

Ok yesterday was the day gingerblokeycat left. I took him to the vets in the morning where he was going to be checked over, then the Cat Society foster person picked him up in the afternoon. As you all know, this cat was huge so I was in a dilemma on how I was going to get him in the cat box on my own!! So didn't feed him too much when I got up so that I could tempt him into going into the box on his own at around 10ish. Yeah right, he started going in but he is so big I couldnt close the door of the box with him in there eating! So by then he realised that no way would he go in the box on his own, no matter how hungry he was.

OK, went back into the 2nd bedroom and locked the cat flap and closed the door, I grabbed a towel (otherwise he would bite and scratch me to pieces) and tried to put him into the box. Bad idea - no way would he go in that way! By this time he is not happy and I dont want to stress him! Then I remembered my box also opened from the top! So, grabbed him again and put him in, he just fit! I pressed him in and closed the lid! Phew!! Done!

Turned around to grab my stuff and I hadnt locked it properly so he was out! AARRGGHHHHHH - or )*)B%$£!&^^"&!!! And he went and hid under the sofabed. By this time I'm thinking how the hell am I going to get this cat in the box on my own! So I thought I would try one more time. OK, first move sofabed out and get him from under there. He aimed straight to the cat flap which of course luckily, coz I am clever, I had locked! Sooooo, grabbed him again in the towel and with a bit of a struggle got him back in the box and locked it properly this time!! PHEW!!!!!!!! Covered him with a blanket because if I spoke cat speak, I am sure I would have been shocked at the language coming from him as he was not a happy chappy!! Vet was about 15 mins drive so took him there. The receptionist at the vet nearly had a hernia lifting the cat box!! Ohhh I was so sad by then I didn't even see him as they took him with the blanket still covering him! I got to the car and cried my eyes out! Why am I soo soppy!!

I got an email today telling me "Ginger boy is fine, passed his MOT with flying colours and they've estimated his age at maximum 18 months, all the vet nurses thought he was very handsome!" Oh yes before I forget, I gave them 2 names to choose from - Auburn or Rusty!

Anyway, I want to do my bit to help the cat society so I enquired about sponsoring a cat and when I spoke to the lady who I have been dealing with, she went to find out which of their "elderly" cats could do with sponsoring. This was her reply :

"A cat which we think would be nice to sponsor is Simba, he is in his early teens and completely blind. Even though he has no sight at all, as both eyes were diseased and had to be removed, he still enjoys wandering in her (foster person) garden and is able to climb up on the sofa or wherever else he fancies having a snooze. She says he finds his way around in the house so well, that she sometimes forgets he can't see. He is very happy and purry, enjoys his food, and loves to go and sit in the sun (when we have some !!) She will never rehome him as it would be too unsettling to put him in a strange environment."

So now I am crying and sobbing at work reading this so I told her that is the cat I want to sponsor! I will be setting up £12 a month towards Simba. They will send me photos of Simba and put his photo on their website as a sponsored cat!!

As soon as I have a photo I will post one in my blog! I have rambled on far too long!!!

Byeee byeee Gingerblokeycat!! I hope they find you a nice loving home where you will be very happy!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! So sorry that your Ginger Bloke is gone, but I am so glad to hear he is doing well. I visited from Angela's site and am glad I did!

Chrystal said...

WOW what an ordeal! I'm sorry it was such a painful experience (in many ways!). I'm glad everything turned out in the end!

Ljonezy said...

Oh Veevs, I was laughing out loud reading about you trying to get the cat in the carrier. When we move to Vegas, I remember trying to get our fat grey cat in the carrier - the cat weighed 28 lbs.! Just remember he's going to a good home where the girls will appreciate him. Maybe he'll have a harem there also.

dawns said...

Oh Veevs...I'm here laughing AND feeling so sad for you (all at the same time). Talk about mixed emotions! You're doing such a great thing for Simba.

Joan said...

Ahhh Veevs that was such a funny and sad story. Its amazing how attached we get. Well glad to hear it is all working out ok.

Heather said...

I miss Gingerblokeycat, aka Auburn/Rusty. But it'll be nice to hear of your continued work for other cats in need. Although I'm highly allergic, I still love them too. Much love to you and your girls!

Jackie said...

Your story was so funny...he is that young and that big????? I am amazed...Can;t wait for you to put a picture of Simba sad of a story is that......You are a softie Veevs...good for you

Donna S. said...

Veevs - I love the way you tell your stories... they crack me up... I could totally see you trying to get Gingerblokeycat into his carrier.
The cynic in me thought - I'll bet they get EVERYONE to sponsor with that Simba story!(I know I am BAD) It is very sweet of you to sponsor him. We saved both our kitties from the humand society... and I love 'em!

Anonymous said...

Hi Veevs! Finally got to see your blog. So cool... it's nice to know more about a person way beyond the posts on JS. Your love for cats must show what a caring sweet person you are. :) I was hoping to see your secret links to your best websites (would you believe I lost that list when we were chatting with Liv?!! Grrr...)... but can't seem to find it. Oh well... we will see. Might be a sign. To stop the scrapbooking stuff and realize there is a world outside. Hahaha. :)

Love your cat stories! :)

P.S. Geez. How do you use these blog things??? Duhhh...