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Thursday, 6 December 2007

UGH, Ebay

I have just spent two hours uploading 12 items to sell on Ebay!! But, that's not all the time it took! My friend Di came round to mine yesterday afternoon so that we could take photos of all the items, do all the measurements, write up descriptions, etc etc etc! So that took about 3 hours yesterday, in between fits of giggles and messing about! It is good to use Ebay to get rid of stuff but I hate doing it!! As usual have left it a bit late so hope some of my things sell before Xmas!! I have a couple more items to load up tonight (coz I'd had enough for the moment) so will go make a huuuuge bowl of popcorn, chill out, then upload those two!

Was at my mum's this afternoon and my sister and the gorgeous Lola were there too! Tried to take some photos of her but at 11 months she wouldnt stand still!! Definitely want new photos as she is growing so much and is as lovely and happy and smiley as ever!
Guess who is holding Lola!!

My mum has given me a bunch of wonderfully beautiful old photos of her, my grandad, etc! Tons of them! So I am going to scan all the best ones and add them to my list of Layouts to do! Might have to get help in how to do vintage type layouts as Im sure my usual bright and colourful style wont go with the photos!

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Carol Dillon said...

How cute is Lola!
Good luck with the ebay. I love selling things on ebay, gives me a good excuse to go shopping again LOL.
Carol :-)