Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Feast or Famine

Yep, that's me - I either don't blog or scrap for ages, then do loads in one go! Weather is really sunny here but blooming cold, so decided to catch up on doing layouts and blogging! I promised my sister that I would do a calendar with photos of Lola so I finally finished February! If things go well I might even get March done today (yeah, that's pushing it!!). Also wanted to try out so I went and found a few of my layouts and converted them using slide! See what you think!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

I scrapped I blogged!

Where does time fly!! Never enough hours in the day to do everything! But, I scrapped thanks to Lisa's great weekly challenges and Kimi's lovely Orton Effects for Photos and Liv's fantastic multi-photo template!
So first layout completed (boy it felt good) was one of my beautiful gorgeous and precious little niece Lola (and me!) combining Lisa's first challenge plus I used the Orton Effect on all the photos! Oh yeah, you can click on the photos to display them larger if you want!
Next up was another challenge about our Town! So I did photos of Richmond which is close enough to me, 1.25 miles away!! Need to do a second layout of my Town, this time of photos of Lima!

And finally completed today was last Sunday's quote challenge! I had downloaded the quote a few days ago and lost it! Took me ages to find it again today! Liv created a wonderful multi-photo template which I used. So photos of my lovely girlies Honey and Lucy. Not forgetting the beautiful little Simba who as you remember, is the rescued little blind cat that I sponsor. I also sneaked in a photo of the hunky Custard (was Mark's cat and now lives with Mark's parents) who used to stay at mine a lot! Love the photo I took of him with a mouse on his head, he didn't even budge!

Talking about cats, here is an update of Dexter aka Gingerblokeycat - this is the write up at the Cat Rescue place
I'm sure Liv will have a few comments to say about the wording "His Highness" lol!! Anyhow, I do hope he gets found a nice new home soon!
Right, I am out tonight with my best friend and we are going for a few bevvies to Windsor (popping in to my castle naturally - hehehehe!!!).

Friday, 1 February 2008


I got an email today with the details of Simba, the little cat I am sponsoring! As soon as I got the email of course I burst out crying, but when I read it again, I was happy to know that I am helping this little cat, who has now settled in his foster home and being so well looked after! So the money I send once a month will help towards him. Anyhow, here is what the Cat society told me about Simba :

"Here is some info and photos of Simba, I hope you don't find them too upsetting, they certainly upset me, so be prepared before you look at them, unfortunately this is the reality of people's neglect.

Simba is one of the lucky ones, he's no longer in pain and has quality of life now.

No detailed story as such, but this is what we know.

He was abandoned at a vets in very poor condition with total blindness in one eye and rapidly diminishing sight in the other. After a period of treatment (at the vets) his discomfort escalated and glaucoma was diagnosed after he came into HAWS care. One eye was removed by our vets immediately to ease his pain. The second eye has just been removed for the same reason and he is now beginning his recovery. Despite what he's been through he's a happy, purry cat, and very settled in his foster home. His foster mum sometimes forgets he is blind as he gets around so well.

Thank you so much for sponsoring him."

Hope you like his photos! I think he is absolutely gorgeous!