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Monday, 3 December 2007

Bon Jovi - yeeeaahhhhhh!!

I saw that Bon Jovi is playing in Twickenham on the 28th of June 2008!! I've always wanted to see them and now they are playing 2 miles from me! Wooohooooooooo!! So I bought 2 standing tickets £55 each - blooming Nora!! And they were the cheapest! I dont mind standing, I'm sure the atmosphere will be great plus I will be dancing! Hope I can find someone that will want to come with me!

We started the PSF challenges again - love doing them! Here is the layout I created! Finding really good use for the Richmond photos - still got to create layouts with photos from Honk Kong, Sydney, Wellington, Peru and Las Vegas!! Paper from Diamante - Lori Wiley - Glamorous Midnight Rain Kit, Frame from Manuela Zimmermann Waves of Life Kit. Small photo blocks from Christina Renee - Old Proof Sheets.


Ljonezy said...

oh Bon Jovi puts on the best concert. My older daughter worked at one of his concerts as an emt just to be able to see him when he was at Mandalay Bay. BTW love the lo.

Carol Dillon said...

Hi Veevs
Your blog is looking great, I really need to work on mine LOL.

Lucky you, I will come to Bon Jovi with you! I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to convince Zac to holiday in June.

Your layout looks fantastic!
Carol :-)

Joan said...

Oh Veevs, you are going to see my boyfriend Bon Jovi, my Jersey boy. I love him. I am coming over to go with you. BTW, me and Jana are never doing blogs. We decided to be hold outs. Going to bed its 1:00am here and I am knackered from trying to learn PSE6.

DawnS said...

Veevs...we need to talk some sense into Joan & Jana! I love your blog.
It's so cool to get a different perspective on the world! Hope you have a blast at the concert!

bostonDawn said...

I love your blog!!! you have such tallent!!

Dawn said...

LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!

Black_Spider said...

veevs, i can't wait to hear about the concert! I'm a big bonjovi fan. have been since i was 12, yikes! i had the tee-shirts, the cds, the posters, the pin buttons. but sadly, i have never seen them in concert. so ya better wave to the boys for me! ps - my fave bj song?? " i'm a 'cowgirl' on a steel horse i ride: i'm wanted, wanted .. DEAD OR ALIVE"