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Friday, 1 August 2008

Catch up!

So many things have happened since I last blogged that I think I am going to do short posts, otherwise it will take about 5 pages! So this one is to update my May Photo a Day photos!

I had never used textures on my photos before, so when I played around with them with an extremely boring photo, WOW!! I am so pleased with this one
Because this is what the original photo looked like :

What a difference! I used a couple of Textures from Ghostbones, played around with the blending modes and out came a work of Art! (click on images for larger view)

Another one I loved, but didn't use any textures, was this one :

I didn't quite get to take 31 days worth of photos - managed about 23 I think. But it was a great experience and was lovely to find new things to take photos of! So here they all are in the slide show.


SusanD said...

I love your photos and my absolute favorites are ones on which you used textures.

I have to get updated with my blog.

It's scorching hot here; how about there?

Anonymous said...

i really love the textures here! you are very talented veevs! and i really, really miss you! shell

Carol said...

Yeah! An update. Love looking through your photos you are getting very talented at photography.
Keep the posts coming!
Hi from Fletch!

Donna S. said...

Yipee! Veev's blogged! Your photos look amazing... no AMAZING. I've missed your updates since I never seem to get ot play much these days we haven't crossed paths much lately.

Jana said...

YOu have done a beautiful & amazing job using textures & blending modes. YOu've inspired me to play a little more! Lovely slideshow matey!
Miss ya Veevs!

Arlen said...

What did you catch Honey doing on the computer?

Some of Veevs's best pictures ever in this post.