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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Red Bull and my Birthday

Next on my catch up list were two events in June, the Redbull Flugtag in Hyde Park and then my birthday! The Red Bull Flugtag is "Flugtag (Flying Day), is an event organized by Red Bull that has taken place in over 70 cities around the world and the second Red Bull Flugtag London day is happening on Saturday 7th June 2008 in Hyde Park.
Flugtag involves competitors constructing man powered flying machines and launching them and their pilot or pilots off a 6m high ramp and into the water below, which in London’s case will be The Serpentine in Hyde Park."

So we applied for tickets and got 8 in the second ballot and my neighbour Mike gave me 2 more. What a fun day we had, we took a picnic and watched all these so called flying machines jump from the ramp and try to fly - more plopping than flying although one did fly for 39 metres!

Here are some of the "Flying Machines" (Click on images for larger view)

And gorgeous Lolita having a fantastic time!

So that was on the Saturday and on the Sunday we had an early celebration of my birthday with my family. My dad hosted the event and he and Kate did a wonderful lunch and I was totally spoilt! It was so lovely to have everyone together and have such a lovely time. My family were amazing, they gave me some money (including my sister Franca in California) towards my Nikon 18-200 lens, a gorgeous camera bag and tons other presents. Here are some photos of my lovely family :

And a layout I did for one of the challenges

The Tuesday before my lovely friend Di took me to the theatre in Richmond to see a musical show called Shout "this show takes its inspiration from the fabulous hazy days of the swinging 60’s, capturing the amazing fashions, sexual liberation and great fun of the times. this show takes its inspiration from the fabulous hazy days of the swinging 60’s, capturing the amazing fashions, sexual liberation and great fun of the times." Everyone was singing away - great show!
Two days before my birthday I went our for dinner in Richmond with Di, Valerie and Samia which was lovely, and on my birthday Mark took me out for a yummy curry and gave me some cash, which I have splashed out on a Wacom Tablet which is winging its way over to me!

OK so that takes care of June with one major event which happened on 27th of June which was our Spraguefest in Chicago - so that will be the next post!


Dawn said...

YEAAAAAAAAA!! I love looking at your pictures and layouts!!! i have been checking...but i know you have been busy (chicago and all) You are sooooooooo Good and Talented!!!!!
love and kisses, dewnie

Di from Canada said...

Congrats on getting caught up! I love the "flying" machines very clever. Oh Lola is so beautiful! Love the birthday pics! Can't wait to see the Chicago "layouts".

Anke said...

Great to see you posting again! Love your pictures,especially the boat one with the textures, I really loved that one at Jessica's. Those flying machines are awesome! I have heard about that before, too funny! I heard you guys all had a ball in Chicago, I am so jealous. Well, maybe next year

Lisbet said...

This is a gerat page - I´ll be back if I can find my way to you again.


Kari said...

Gorgeous pics of lots of fun!!! Always happy to see and hear what you're up to ... missing you after Chicago!!

Carol said...

Great to see another catchup. My, isn't Lola growing up.
And a lovely layout of your family.
Did you enjoy Shout? I saw it a few years ago. A bit of trivia for you, Johnny O'Keefe is my Dad's third cousin and when my dad was a youngster, he met him at a family do (he was a bit scared of how loud and out there he was lol).
He is now one of my dad's idols.

Arlen said...

OK, that flying machine event is amazing. And I REALLY like that bloke's guitar in the chicken picture.