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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May Photo a Day

I am on a roll so who knows when I will post again! Flying off to Hamburg early tomorrow morning for the day so wanted to get some of the photos on here. We are doing a Photo a Day in May - I am loving it! The UK weather was not playing along until today when we had blue blue sky and it was warm!!

Some of the photos are straight out of the Camera. The freaky weather one was amazing - I was on the phone and stood up and the sky was incredible! It was raining so dark clouds mixed with Pink and Orange! I took photo whilst on the phone so camera was on Auto. The flash went off which is why the flowers look so bright! May 2 and 3 photos - as the weather was naff, I ended up using a lot of different actions to get the different effects. The Mexican plate photo I took indoors again because there was no sun! Used some actions on it too. Went walking in Richmond yesterday and took a photo of a plaque with information on the old Richmond Palace. And today's one combined a storyboard. Top photo I took this morning at 8.30 am from my office window. At 4.30 the river floods (it's normal as Richmond is tidal) so took another photo as a comparison!


Dawn said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa you're back!!! Love your photos...amazing shots...need to get in there and develop some skills in this area....also amazing is that you can "just go to Hamburg for the day"...would take me 8 hours flying just to get know it would take you that long to go to Boston...have a good trip....see ya around the playgroud, dewnie

Carol said...

I love how you say so casually "off to Hamburg for the day", so lucky to have so many great places so close.

I love the freaky weather photo, is is sensational.

You asked about the actions I bought from NicholeV. I got the Essential colour pop and essential b&w. If you buy 2 you get 10% discount and at the moment she has a sale for a further discount. Just enter the code launch051508
There is a lot included and great to play with.

Have a great day tomorrow

Ljonezy said...

Hi Matey! Just came by to visit your blog. I got the email and read it there, but figured i'd actually come and look at your photos again and leave some luv!

I'm off so get the photos out of my camera now so i'll see you soon!


Heather said...

Hey Ms. Jet Setter,

Beautiful work. The flower photos are astonishingly good - you should sell prints of them on Etsy or Ebay!!!

Terri said...

Great job on your photos GF! Hope you're having fun traveling around the globe. Have missed chatting with you, but we've all been SO busy! Miss you!

Donna S. said...

I love Hamburg! Your pictures are looking excellent!! Hope all iuswell with you!

Anke said...

Wow, I just looked at your pics and they are awesome. I love how you turn the page instead of the sliding. Europe is so full of history, I miss it sometimes. What a great place to be taking pictures. What were you doing in Hamburg, say hello to my old homecountry for me.

Ann said...

Veevs your photo a day pics are just great. I loved the one that looked like a painting of the boats. You do such a nice job with all of them.

Jackie said...

Just wanted to stop in and say hi....hope all is going well for you

DI said...

You are one busy woman - just want to ANNOUNCE - that i came to your blog to visit - one day you can drop by mine!