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Sunday, 23 March 2008

Once a week

OK, haven't done too badly as only updated it last week, so here is another catch up. First of all, thank you so much to all of you who have sent me lots of love and hugs and prayers for my mum. As you know I had to rush her into hospital last Sunday night at midnight. She is still in hospital but is doing much better and on Tuesday we are moving her to a rehabilitation hospital for another week and hopefully on 31st March she can go home. But she moves from her house to a flat on the 8th of April, so Hayde and I will be doing the move.

Guard Cat
Little Lucy is the guard cat of my flat! She does not let any other cat through the cat flap (apart from Gingerblokeycat coz he was twice her size lol). So here she is after having seen a black cat in the patio approaching the cat flap:

and here is her view (sorry its blurred, it was not an easy photo to take!!)

I am really enjoying our weekly challenges and I am one behind (the home one). Did the white space one of Lucy which I loved :

But then realised that I had totally forgotten to use the colour swatch! And as Lisa pointed out, I needed to do a layout of Honey so that she didn't feel left out, here it is, using all the colours in the swatch (Liv, Lisa, do I get a prize??)

Introducing Barney!!
My best friend Di lost her cat Zac to illness a week ago, we were all sooo very sad - he was a lovely cat and so loved. They decided to visit a cat rescue place and came home with Barney!!

Isn't he cute??? He is 10 years old and a Persian and wasn't treated very well by first set of owners. Passed him on to a new set of owners who could not keep up with brushing him daily and his fur ended up all matted and bad and they shaved it! Then took him to the cat rescue place where he has been since January. No one wanted him because they thought he looked horrible! I think he is adorable! What do you think? So Di and her DH took him home on Friday and he is settling in well!
Oh yes, and doesn't he look like Animal from the Muppets!!


Dawn said...

Sweettteeee...i didn't know your mom was in the hospital...i hope all is well with her soon!!! Love your kitties!! see ya around the playground.....

Terri said...

I think he's adorable too!

I don't think I knew your Mom was in the hospital, so I am glad to hear things are going a bit better for her. Prayers to you.

Becky said...

Hey Veevs, Thanks for visiting. Love all your cute kitty pictures (even though I'm not a cat lover) I'm flattered you want to add me to your blog list.;)

Heather said...

Love your beautiful heart for cats. The new little one is especially cute!!!!!

Your LOs are smokin', Veevs. You're on digi fire. Watch out, DID!

Carol said...

LOL, as soon as I looked at the first photo of Barney I thought of Animal.
Your layouts are gorgeous.
Hope your mum is doing ok.
Have a happy Easter.

Linda said...

Cute cat pics. I love the LOs.

I hope your mother keeps improving. Good luck with the moving.

April Dawn said...

Your love for cats is so amazing and fun! I love the LO's you do on them!

Oh, and...You have been TAGGED! Visit my blog for the rules and some fun!

dawns said...

Veevs...I've missed you guys! Hope your Mom is doing better (I'll definitely include her in my prayers tonight). You're doing an awesome job on your LO's and I love your slideshows!

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Veeeevs, darling!

I love your layouts with the kitties :) I sure wish I wasn't allergic to them ... I'd just pick them up and snuggle them!! :)

THanks for the note on my blog! It's been ages since I've had time to play @ the Spraground. I've been sick with pneumonia and busy with lots of projects and work that is supposed to be PT, but is actually almost FT lately... argh!

I hope to come back and play a little next week.

So nice to hear from you!



Ljonezy said...

Oh god he's so cute! and you gotta love the little bandana collar! ok so he may not look like a regular cat, but who could pass up a muppet cat? You did your friend a good turn by directing her to the rescue place.

Ann said...

I am so sorry about your Mom. I didn't know. My prayers are with you and yours. Can I have your guard cat? Some critter has been lurking around my house making scratchng noises.

Chrystal said...

I LOVE the picture thru the cat door. That is great!

Kari said...

Great job on keeping up!! Sorry to hear about you mum - will pray for things to improve :) {{{HUGS}}} to you ... Glad to see you in class!!

Tezra Williams said...

Lovin the slideshow Veevs! And I can't tell you enough how much I adore the swirls on those LOs!!!

Missing you in chat:)

DI from Canada said...

Glad to hear your mum is doing better - good luck with the move! Love that picture of Lucy guarding the door - who needs a dog! I just love these layouts by the way - i have them all copied to scraplift em one day! And Barney is so cute - what a little ragimuffin guy - he's lucky to go to such a nice home - yes he does look like animal from the muppets.
Alright now back to my work so i can do my DID stuff!

Jackie said...

Wow I have been out of the loop...hope your mom is doing better now....Love the cat...he is a real cutie.....

LivE said...

okay honey, i know you already know, but this is formalizing it: you have been tagged! hoohoo!!! come to my blog porch and see what info you need to divulge! (haha!)hope you're having a great time with you-know-who!!! ;) hugs to you, my dear friend!!!