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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Catch up - warning long post!!

Eeeek, can't believe it's nearly a month since I update my blog! How time flies! What have I been up to? 3 weekends ago I went to babysit gorgeous Lola for the first time, as Hayde and Mick had a party to go to. It was a bit nervewracking and I kept checking every half an hour that she was ok lol! She woke up once and cried for about 20 mins but I managed to get her back to sleep. I got home at 3am lol! But at that time its an easy drive home and it only took me 20 mins, as opposed to nearly an hour with the traffic (its only 12 miles away but its a bugger of a route).

I uploaded some photos to Photobucket and wow, Photobucket has some great cool things now!! Check out this photo of Lola - I went to the Photobucket Edit and gives tons of goodies :

And for one of our challenges, I did this layout (havent edited in Photobucket)

Talking of Lola, I have completed 4 pages of 2008 Calendar which I am doing for my sister Hayde! Here is a slide show of them - as usual bright and colourful!

OK next on the list was the wedding last weekend at a beautiful palace (no Liv, not my palace!!) in Woodstock - Blenheim Palace! Shame the weather wasn't that good to take a good walk round, and also we couldn't go see the main tourist bits of the Palace - but I did manage a few photos!

Not sure why one of the photos didn't show up in the video, so adding it here :
ACK (a la Liv!!) now I see the photo in the slide show! oh well, you got to put it with it twice!

Ahhh, also, I had a go at creating a template, and did a layout with it :

So there you have it! Of my huge list of things to do I have only completed one - updating my blog! I need to to visiting the blogs of all my lovely mates and leave some love, haven't done the Home challenge nor started the new one!! Weather is crap today so maybe might be able to tick some more things off my list!!


Jeanne said...

It's good to see you post again, Veevs! Sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy!

Thanks for sharing about Photobucket, looks cool.

That wedding must have been spectacular.

Looking forward to seeing more posts soon!

Ljonezy said...

Wow. you really did an update. I guess i should get mine updated too now.

Love the calendar and the castle.

So today - home challenge, blending -give it a try and new challenge!

See you soon!

ScrappyGuy said...

Veevs, great sharing with all these pictures.
As one fellow errant blogger to another. Good to see you up and running!

Dawn said...

YEAAAAAA...i was so happy to get the email you updated!! You have been busy, gf!! Love your layouts and the pics!! what a place to have a wedding...Went to Leeds Castle when i was in your neck of the father's side is from there...someday will go back and give you a visit!!

Ann said...

Veevs you did a great update. I will have to check out photobucket. I am adding you to my list of "Bloggy Friends" I hope that is alright. Let me know if not. My blog is:

Ann said...

Hi again Veevs,
So it's fine for you to add me. I saw your comment. You left it before I posted today and I mentioned you in my post if you want to take a peek. :)

Terri said...

Question for you...

I see that you have a feedblitz subscription link on your blog. What's that called and how do I get one!?!?! ;)


Angela2932 said...

Oh my! When you update, you REALLY update! I love the calendar slide show, and the wedding slide show! Photobucket really must have some cool features. . . I haven't checked it in ages. The photo of you shows how beautiful you are, and I like the different treatments you gave it. You have a photo in the wedding slide show that I think is exceptionally cool---the one where you're peeking at the palace through a keyhole. I want to go there! And another thing!.... Your layouts are wonderful! The sunset one is just gorgeous.

Carol said...

Yeah Veevs has updated. Your layouts are beautiful. And that wedding, what an amazing place!!!! And you can have weddings there?
Great to hear what you have been up to.

Carol said...

Hi Veevs, me again. I just read on Lisa's blog that your mum is in hospital. I hope it is nothing too serious. Will keep both your mum and yourself in my thoughts and prayers.
Carol xxx

SusanD said...

I hope you don't wait a month to check your blog!

Liv is going to post the directions for keeping track of credits as one is doing a LO, on her blog rather than in the forum.

So, check there.

Tori said...

Veevs! I've missed you! And I've missed your fun words! ;) We need to chat at JS soon.

Thanks for coming to see me on my blog.

Love all these pics and LOs!

Jana said...

Okay Veevs GF, don't faint but I'm here on your blog! Great chatting with you tonight and thanks for the wine! Your blog looks awesome! How cool to see all those pix plus your LOs! Excellent! Love how the pix turned pages!! Very cool! Now, throw that bone away!!!!

Joan said...

Lookie, Lookie me and Jana. Guess it must be your lucky day. I didn't want you to be mad at me and I kinda hate bones so thought I would pay you a visit. Love your little flipping photo books. I'll try to stop by more often but excuse me if I don't cause I have to reorganize all my digi stuff again on the new mac. I only have about 18,000 items. Ha Ha.

Kari said...

Busy, busy, busy!!! Great photos and LOs - you're doing better at blogging than me ;) Although I did post once a day for an entire week just a few weeks ago!!

Jackie said...

that was quite an update :) love the picture of you are gorgeous :)