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Monday, 26 November 2007

Walking to Work

OK, I've got to get to grips with posting in my blog! Totally forgot about it! Anyhow, had to walk to work last Tuesday and its was blooming freezing! It was just before 8am and it was a beautiful morning, frost everywhere and sort of steam and fog coming off the river! As I now carry my little Canon with me everywhere, I took some photos! Froze my hands off!! But was so pleased with the photos!

I might try to do the scrolling display another day! And I forgot, a couple of weeks walking home just before 5, the light was amazing so took photos of the office building (we dont have the whole building, just one floor!) WOW, I'm pretty amazed I have been able to upload these photos!


Carol Dillon said...

Veevs, your photos are amazing, such gorgeous scenery! You are lucky to see that every morning.

I mainly work from home atm, so the view to my office isn't too exciting. Usually just reminds me I need to vacuum or something similiar LOL. Although I have the perk of choosing my hours as DH owns the business (hence why we sleep in)

Good to see another post!
Carol :-)

Liv said...

hiya matey!!!! just passing by to leave some love!!!! ((((((((hugs)))))))
PS. thanks for showing me where i will be one day. hehehe

Liv said...

gee whiz, GF. one minute i have your blog open in front of me and the background is white, the next minute it's got a new face! amazing! LOL great new look, i must say! ;) goodnight, i know i know, off to bed!

Ljonezy said...

Wow - how great is your blog. I love the photos you took on your walk to work. Sometimes it pays to have to walk once in a while. Your background in your header is beautiful. You'll have to give lessons on blog designing! I want to be able to do this.

Kari said...

Simply stunning photos there, Veevs!! You have a lovely walk to work, don't you?! Love getting a glimpse into life over in your neck of the woods!!