Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 16 November 2007

EHD Woes!!

Well, as you all know, my EHD stopped working on Wednesday night! Aaarrgghhhh!!! It powered up but wasn't being picked up on the laptop! Spent the whole evening trying to sort it whilst chatting to Liv who was so kind and trying to help me even though it was 4am for her! And chatting on MSN/Yahoo with Tori and NanaJeanne too! Anyhow, took it yesterday evening to my hairdresser's brother in law and he very kindly has helped me out. He called me today to say the data is all ok, just something not working with the USB connection but was going to buy something to fix it. So hopefully I get it back tomorrow and I can check everything is there intact! What a scare! Dont want to go through that again! I am so behind on scrapping because of this! Well, thats my excuse and Im sticking to it!!

I think I have figured out how to insert a video, you have to watch this, its fantastic! And that is so like my cat Lucy!!


dawns said...

Veevs...doing the "happy dance" cause you're getting your EHD and didn't lose any thingys. Great video (LOL)!

Carol Dillon said...

Veevs that video is too funny!

Hoping all your EHD problems have been sorted out by now!
Carol :-)

Kari said...

2 posts ... and I got to be the first to comment on both!! Keep 'em coming :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Veevs - just stopping by to say hi! Hope you have all your 'puter problems worked out. Hope you're having a great day. ~Diane NWR

dawns said...

I don't have any pets, but this is just too funny!!! Thanks for sharing.

Liv said...

the great thing about staying up till 4AM is getting to chat with great girlfriends halfway around the globe! ;) don't worry, you won't be having those problems with your ehd again as long as you don't tug on the plugs too hard. LOL! ((((((((hugs))))))) my dearest phoebe!!! :D