Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, 7 May 2009

May Photo Challenge

A bit delayed in posting this! Sorry about that! Pat provided us with a beautiful photo of a window in Florence for us to play with
Everyone's photos are stunning! And the textures we all used :

Carol : Grunge Set by Princess of Shadows
Jana : Photoblast Contrapop, Textures by Ghostones and LivE
Pat : Voyager by Eddie07
Marg : Alexis Miller and Ghostbones
Lesley : Textures and PhotoMask her own
Barb : JM, SomethingBlue Studios, DarkRose42
Lynne : JoesSistah and her own
Veevs : Liek and SolStock



Anke said...

these are all awesome!!!! sorry I haven't been playing, having some trouble at home with hubby being sick. Maybe soon again. You guys are doing great!

Linda said...

hello fellow class mate... what a great blog

Donna S. said...

Veevs! These pictures are gogrous! I sure wish I had time to take a class - soon again I hope! Hope all is well with you and the girlies!!

Heather said...

Veevs!!! How the heck are you? I've been slowly shedding many of the commitments that have had my life in shackles... :)

Hoping to be able to hang out with you and the other ladies with your texture photo challenge. Too cool.

BTW, I just got a book called "Mastering the Nikon D300" by Darrell Young that I recommend to you - way better than having to sift through the dry manual.