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Sunday, 15 March 2009

March Tutorial Challenge

It’s been so much fun doing these challenges!  Barb very kindly donated one of her beautiful photos for us to use :

And, here are all the different beautiful takes on this!  Again in no particular order!

Textures : BB grungy watercolor and Sanami 276

Textures : Seagulls by CliffordsAx, and NinianLif Textures

Textures : Lynne’s own

Bright light parrot, Fractal north pole, Paint Daubs – Deviant Art
Poster Edges, Blend modes, MCP Gallery Frame

Textures : SomethingBlue

Textures : Ghostbones

Textures : pareeerica, ghostbones, Shelley Freedman, Vancayzeele Olivier, somethingbluestudies, and Horses and Tigers.

Textures : N8 (?), Shelley Freedman, and 3 of LivE

Textures : Goam (on Flickr) and action - Nichole Van, apply texture

Textures : Lisa’s own, Frame by Vera Lim

Textures : Ghostbones and Lynne

Textures : carta mirada and alicepopkorn

Textures : Ghostbones, Pareeerica and Skeletal Mess

Another fab challenge ladies!!  All of these are beautiful!


Anke said...

these are all so cool, I love to see how the pictures change with the different treatments! thanks for the challenge Veevs!

latz said...

These are all so beautiful. It's amazing how everyone has such a unique look. Keep them coming Veevs!

Amy L said...

Thanks for doing this Veevs; it's lots of fun!

Jana said...

I think they are all just awesome! Isn't it amazing how we all came up with such different & unique looks! Thanks Veevs! You've really given us some fun challenges! (((HUGS)))