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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Chicago - Saturday afternoon and evening!

Oh, hmmmmmm, ok - it's been over a month since my last post! Eeeeekk!! Where does the time go! I can't believe I am so behind and its October now and I am still blogging about Chicago in June.

So, where were we. Ahhh yes, we got back from the wonderful boat ride. We got told we had to go back to the hotel, not sure why. Tori, Laurie, Deb and Shell were supposed to head off to see Wicked but Shell had to get someIMG_4104thing from the hotel. Aha, did she though - nope! Coz the little plotter had been plotting a surprise, none other than Kari!! So we walk to the front of the hotel and Kari is there - well, you can imagine the screams - especially from Tori and Laurie! Yeah and everyone else! It was awesome! You know what, since being on JS I say awesome a lot - I never used to say that before! Here's Kari screaming with everyone!

Soooo Liv had mentioned she wanted to go to this thing called The Bean - which is That Big Shiny Thing in Millennium Park. We went yeah ok let's go there and took a long walk not knowing what to expect. Having a bit of a rest before continuing on!LA 2008 06 28 152

But before getting there we stop at the Giordanos, the Pizza place where we will be eating in the evening to check it out and have a bit of a rest! Check us out!

_DSC0137 _DSC0138

As we get to the Millenium Park we bump into Liv's DH RJ and her 5 gorgeous kids!

DSC00585 DSC_0149

OK back to the Millenium Park. What a fantastic place! And The Bean - amazing!!

VeevsSites_099LA 2008 06 28 180 VeevsSites_102VeevsSites_097

VeevsSites_109 VeevsSites_108

VeevsBabes_39 VeevsBabes_40

Yep, loads of cool photos taken at The Bean. Then some went off to a museum and Joan and I decided to go walking and look for a bookstore. Took a while but we found it and had a nice drink and chilled out for a bit. Walking back to the hotel found a great arty type shop, of course we couldnt resist it and we shopped!

Got back to the hotel to be told we had 5 minutes to get ready to go have dinner! So walked back to Giordanos to have the most spectacular pizza I have ever seen! It was thick, it VeevsSites_116was 06 28 08 053

very deep-pan, it was very gooey and tons of cheese and it was soooo good but filling!

Onto more group photos! Todd, what a great guy, was the official photographer having to take photos with 16 cameras!! You did great Todd!

06 28 08 006 06 28 08 007

VeevsBabes_36 VeevsBabes_37

The food was great, the company even greater! We were supposed to go wandering off somewhere to watch fireworks, but think everyone was pretty knackered by then! So Jessica invited us all up to her suite for girly yakking and some free yummy desserts!!

06 28 08 070 06 28 08 077

06 28 08 079 IMG_1208

Of course there were more speeches and gifts and laughing anc crying and more laughing!

IMG_1220 IMG_1222 06 28 08 082

Yeah, you get the picture. It was great fun! AWESOME!!!

Some of us disappeared to bed whilst others stayed up yakking! Sadly, that was the end of Saturday!


Anke said...

wow Veevs, your pictures are awesome and I love the way you tell the story. I wish I could have been there!

Kari said...

I think I could cry ... I haven't been by here in ages! Reading these posts about Chicago makes me miss my GFs even more!!!! That photo of me screaming when everyone came around the corner brings back such a rush of emotion - I don't know that I've ever anticipated anything as excitedly as that moment :)