Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 17 July 2009

Pasha Boat Texture Challenge

Hi everyone, with Summer keeping everyone busy I apologise the delay in uploading your photos on my blog! But without further ado, here are the ones some of you submitted using Carol’s lovely photo!

Textures by Barb, Insan, Ishkamina

Textures by House of 3, Ghostbones and Princess of Shadows

Textures by Ghostbones, Boccachino, Pareeerica, Jenna Nelson

Textures by Princess of Shadows, Obsidian Dawn

Textures by Ghostbones

Textures by Lynne

Textures by Ghostbones, Mask by Lesley

Another bevvy of beautiful effects by everyone!

I fly to Italy for 5 days on Wednesday to celebrate my Dad’s 80th birthday. His birthday is not til October but as his sister and all our Italian side of the family gather together at summer we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate it in style with everyone over! My sister and nephews Garrett and Brandon are flying in from the US too so it will be a small family gathering of about 27! So I will be clicking away the whole 5 days!

Lisa asked if we could use one of my Wolf Photos for the next Texture challenge - so here is Torak - isn't he gorgeous! He is a Hybrid Wolf - North American and European mix!

And the link to download the photo is Here

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Next Textures Challenge

Hi everyone - Carol has supplied us with a great photo to use for our next challenge which I have uploaded to my 4shared site, so you can download it here:

If you want me to include your creation in my blog, please email it to me, or if you are doing it via a challenge on Jessica Sprague please upload it to the General Gallery. Remember to credit the textures that you use.

Timing : can I have your photos back by Wednesday 8 July?

Have fun and enjoy your weekend! It is a scorcher in the UK with more hot weather to come!

Oh yeaahhhhh and tomorrow at 11am I do my 5k Race for Life for Cancer run tomorrow!! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

It’s been a long time!

WOW, how time has flown and I need to do so much catching up!  As some of you may know, I went out to the US for 12 days to visit Lynne and we went everywhere – San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Yosemite!  Took soooo many photos that I will have to do a new blog entry to talk about the trip!  But, it was FANTASTIC!!!

Soooo, I have a few photos from the last challenge that some of you worked on.  The lovely photo was donated by Lynne – taken in Costa Rica (oh yeah I am back to the old way of showing the photos as you guys said the slide show did not open up big enough).

Here are your works of art!

Topaz Adjust Filters and Textures by Lynne and Liv

Textures from *Terry and Joe’s Sistah

Textures by Ghostbones

Textures by SomethingBlue, GroundStream, Naturewall4, Solstock, SheisPretty

Textures by Ghostbones and NinianLif

Textures Damask_02 Lillykins, Bittbox

Textures by Alice Popkorn

Textures by Boccacino, Ghostbones and SkeletalMess

Phew, so glad I got these uploaded and you guys did a fabulous job with Lynne’s lovely photo!  Next photo has been donated by Carol so will email the details to you guys!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

May Photo Challenge

A bit delayed in posting this! Sorry about that! Pat provided us with a beautiful photo of a window in Florence for us to play with
Everyone's photos are stunning! And the textures we all used :

Carol : Grunge Set by Princess of Shadows
Jana : Photoblast Contrapop, Textures by Ghostones and LivE
Pat : Voyager by Eddie07
Marg : Alexis Miller and Ghostbones
Lesley : Textures and PhotoMask her own
Barb : JM, SomethingBlue Studios, DarkRose42
Lynne : JoesSistah and her own
Veevs : Liek and SolStock


Saturday, 18 April 2009

April Texture Photo Challenge

OK, this was a tough one – lovely photo supplied by Terri!  We all ended up with some wonderful colours and textures!  Here is the original :

And below, in no particular order, your artistic creations!

Textures : Ghostbones, LivE Design Paper

Texture : her own

Textures : Pareeerica, Ghost Bones, Shelley Freedman, BB free textures and one of her own

Texture : Coffee Shop

Textures : Ghostbones, PinkSherbert Photography

Textures : Kiho-chan, Filthy diamonds, Darkrose42, Spiritcoda

Textures : Alexis Miller

Textures : Eddi07, Ghostbones

Textures : NinianLif, Groundfloor and her own

Textures : Absolute Cross, Brushes : Obsidian Dawn

Textures : ArtByChristy

WOW – amazing work everyone!!!

Sunday, 29 March 2009

March 29 Texture Challenge

Cant believe two week’s have gone by already!  So best I post this week’s beautiful results from the photo that Kate supplied :

So here are your gorgeous creations, again in no particular order!

Textures by : Ghostbones, SkeletalMess, ArtbyChristy

Textures by : Something Blue, Golden Stream by Barb

Textures by : Adrisbow and Twentygreydays

Textures by : Ghostbones and Eddi07

Textures by : Essence of a Dream

Textures by : Something Blue Studios and Katie Pertiet

Textures by : NinianLif

Textures by : Les Braumes, Coffee Shop Inverse Grunge Frame
Paper : Gunhild

Textures by : Princess of Shadows, Ghostbones, Latz

Textures by : Sanami 276

Textures by : Ghostbones, Pareeerica and Lynne

Textures by : Essence of a Dream, Pareeerica, DriscollBros

Wonderful creations ladies!  This is fun and it’s so lovely to see one photo with so many different effects! 

Sunday, 15 March 2009

March Tutorial Challenge

It’s been so much fun doing these challenges!  Barb very kindly donated one of her beautiful photos for us to use :

And, here are all the different beautiful takes on this!  Again in no particular order!

Textures : BB grungy watercolor and Sanami 276

Textures : Seagulls by CliffordsAx, and NinianLif Textures

Textures : Lynne’s own

Bright light parrot, Fractal north pole, Paint Daubs – Deviant Art
Poster Edges, Blend modes, MCP Gallery Frame

Textures : SomethingBlue

Textures : Ghostbones

Textures : pareeerica, ghostbones, Shelley Freedman, Vancayzeele Olivier, somethingbluestudies, and Horses and Tigers.

Textures : N8 (?), Shelley Freedman, and 3 of LivE

Textures : Goam (on Flickr) and action - Nichole Van, apply texture

Textures : Lisa’s own, Frame by Vera Lim

Textures : Ghostbones and Lynne

Textures : carta mirada and alicepopkorn

Textures : Ghostbones, Pareeerica and Skeletal Mess

Another fab challenge ladies!!  All of these are beautiful!